William Allingham (1824-89)

Irish poet. After working as a customs officer, Allingham settled in England in 1863. He cultivated friendships with Thomas Carlyle, D. G. Rossetti, and Alfred Tennyson. From 1870 to 74 he was sub-editor of Fraser's Magazine, a Tory literary journal of high standing, and acted as its able editor until 1879. His first volume, Poems (1850) contains his best-known work "The Fairies". Besides The Ballad Book (1864), a collection of traditional ballads edited by Allingham, most of his own literary ballads are included in Songs, Ballads, and Stories (1877). At its best Allingham's poetry is simple, clear, and full of delicate artistic expressions. (M. Y.)

1.The Faithless Knight
2.King Henry's Hunt
3.The Maids of Elfin-Mere
4.The Milkmaid
5.The Nobleman's Wedding
6.St. Margaret's Eve
7.The Witch-Bride