Alfred Perceval Graves (1846-1931)

Irish poet, songwriter, and school inspector, born as the son of the Rt. Rev Charles Graves, bishop of Limerick in Dublin on July 22, 1846. Educated at Windermere College in England and Trinity College, Dublin. In 1869 he entered the Civil Service in the Home Office, where he remained until he became a school inspector in 1875. The inspectorate continued to 1910. In addition, A. P. Graves, as president of the Irish Literary Society for several years, played an important role in the revival of Irish letters. He cooperated with Charles Stanford to publish some volumes of Irish songs and ballads, including the famous ballad ‘Father O’Flynn’, Irish Songs and Ballads (1880), and Songs of Old Ireland (1882). The airs of Irish Folk-Songs (1897) and Songs of Erin (1901) were arranged by Charles Wood. Robert Graves (1895-1985) was the son of his second marriage, to Amy von Ranke. His autobiography, To Return to All That (1930) was a response to his son’s Goodbye to All That (1929). Died on December 27, 1931. (H. N.)

1.Johnny Cox
2.The Sailor Girl
3.The Song of the Ghost