Thomas B. Macaulay (1800-59)


English Whig politician, essayist, historian and poet, born at Rothley Temple, Leicestershire, October 1800. He was a regular contributor to the Whiggish Edinburgh Magazine since his first appearance in August 1825, and his most remarkable articles were directed against James Mill, such as his famous aggressive article “Mill on Government” (1829) against Mill’s Essays on Government (1820). After engaging in a job at the Supreme Council of India, he became an MP for Edinburgh in 1839, and during the time until he retired in 1856, he wrote his famous or perhaps notorious collection of books, History of England (1849-61), which represents a typical Whiggish notion of progressive history. (Y. Y.)

1.The Armada
2.The Battle of Naseby
3.An Election Ballad
4.Ivry: a Song of the Huguenots
5.The Last Buccaneer