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Thomas Moore (1779-1852)


Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1779. An Irish poet. He studied law at Trinity College, being among the first Catholics to attend the University, where he befriended the leader of United Irishmen, Robert Emmet, and produced a great deal of political and historical prose and poems. In 1811, Moore met Lord Byron, and they became close friends.

He is best known for producing the Irish Melodies (10 vols., 1808-34), which is based on the traditional airs recorded by Edward Bunting. The collection includes "The Last Rose of Summer," occasionally sung even in Japan. Irish Melodies was so successful and widely celebrated that it established Moore as the national poet in Ireland. (N. M.)

1.A Ballad: the Lake of the Dismal Swamp
2.By That Lake, Whose Gloomy Shore
3.The High-Born Ladye
4.Little Man and Little Soul
5.The Song of O’Ruark