Thomas Campbell (1777-1844)

Born in Glasgow, the son of a Glasgow merchant, in July 1777. He was not only acclaimed as a popular Scottish poet in his own day, but also counted as one of the founders of the University of London. He is chiefly remembered for his sentimental war songs such as “The Battle of the Baltic” and “Lord Ullin’s Daughter”. His long poem The Pleasure of Hope (1799), which deals with the sensational events in his day such as the French revolution, immediately gave him fame and fortune. (Y. Y.)

1.The Battle of the Baltic
2.The Brave Roland
5.Lines Written on Visiting a Scene in Argyleshire
6.Lochiel’s Warning
7.Lord Ullin’s Daughter
8.The Soldier’s Dream
9.The Spectre Boat
10.The Wounded Hussar