Welcome to The British Literary Ballads Archive, a site dedicated to a unique genre of literary imitations of traditional ballads. The site contains a growing archive of over 700 poems, as well as short biographical sketches of the poets who wrote them.

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Joanna Baillie (1762-1851)

Scottish dramatist and poet, born in Lanarkshire in 1762. She published Poems: Wherein It is Attempted to Describe Certain Views of Nature and of Rustic Manners in 1790. Her first volume, Plays on the Passions, brought her the friendship of Sir Walter Scott, who wrote a prologue for her most successful play, The Family Legend (1810), founded upon the feud between the lord of Argyle and the chieftain of Maclean. In the Metrical Legends (1821) are included most of her literary ballads cast in an antique style.    (M. Y.)

1.The Elden Tree: An Ancient Ballad
2.The Ghost of Fadon
3.Lord John of the East: A Ballad
4.Malcolm's Heir: A Tale of Wonder
5.The Moody Seer: A Ballad
6.Sir Maurice: A Ballad