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George Colman, the Younger (1762-1836)

English poet and dramatist. He studied both at Christ Church, Oxford, and King’s College, University of Aberdeen. While in Aberdeen, he published “The Man of the People”, a poem satirizing Charles James Fox (1749-1806). He also left behind supposedly humorous poetry, My Night Gown and Slippers (1797), and Poetical Vagaries (1812). Among his dramatic works, The Iron Chest (1796) is a dramatization of William Godwin’s The Adventures of Caleb Williams (1794), and John Bull, or an Englishman’s Fireside (1803) was considered his finest work, sketching the English national spirit. It is said that George Colman the Younger was the most popular dramatist at the turn of the nineteenth century, a writer who knew what the audience wanted from him, the melodramatic flavour of tears and laughter. (M. Y.)

1.The Maid of the Moor, or the Water Fiends
2.Sir Marmaduke
3.Unfortunate Miss Bailey